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We're an unusual bunch.

Mr-Benn.com exhibits and sells Prints created by Artists from the Film and Television Industry.

Artist, photographer, Crop circleist and fractal scientist are all some of the Hyphinates in our multi-hyphenated titles and were not even Millenials (mostly not, Quentin is or maybe even younger!)
Mr-Benn.com exhibits some side-line creativity that spills out after a day's labor on the television coal face. Were all gainfully employed in the craft of neat TV stuff, but this is our 'Other Art'

We charge for the prints - but also share the money with a global Single Use plastic charity. So good does Good! Hope you enjoy rifling through our stuff.


PPC is a worldwide call to action group, campaigning for and raising awareness about becoming world free of plastic pollution and its toxic impacts.


Hope you enjoy the site.

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