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David Slade was born in Sheffield, a grim place in the north of England under a black cloud. He had head trauma during delivery and his parents were worried he might be brain damaged. This concern continued through his childhood.
Later medical tests revealed that the head trauma while leaving scarring did not affect his mental capacity. Still, the doctor said: “There's something not right about him.”
All his film school applications were rejected, most notably from the London School of Film and television.
His first feature film Hard Candy was reviewed by the Chicago Reader who’s Jonathan Rosenbaum  said “Personally I'd rather have this movie obliterated from my memory”
Said Trever Johnson of Time Out: “an increasingly lurid, credibility-free storyline, delivered with unstinting insensitivity by a first-time director determined to show off his ad-man's box of visual tics.”
Jeff Vice of the Deseret News of Salt Lake City called it “exploitative and nauseating.”
His second Movie 30 Days Of Night is certified Rotten on rottentomatoes.com
Richard Roeper of Ebert and Roeper called it “predictable, repetitive and vile”.
Brian Orndorf of DVDTalk.com called “director David Slade, a hack filmmaker of the worst kind”
His third movie the Twilight Saga Eclipse is also certified Rotten on RottenTomatoes.com
Said Avi Offer of the NYC Movie Guru said it was  “It insults your intelligence from start to finish.”
Tom Huddleston Time out: “..a joyless black hole sucking the life from every scene.”
Said Bob Grimm of Reno News and Review of the film in comparison to the two previous films “Slightly better...but still sucky.”
He has recently been spending time in Television where he directed Black Mirror Episode Metalhead. 
Of this Eneko Ruiz Jimenez of El Pais said: “We believe this is the worst episode of the series”.
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