dm @ Mr-Benn

Part of Duncan's work experience at the age of 15 was to join a Saturday photography club and it was here he started to develop his fascination photography and the power and depth light and form can create in a still image. 
His career path has been a bit wonky, taking the scenic view around production, sound design and offline editing before embracing VFX supervision and compositing as his main focus. He's been involved in many Award-winning Drama, Film and advertising projects and currently is working out of the creatively renowned VFX company Glassworks London. 
“In my job, I’m surrounded by striking images every single day, some arrive perfect and stay this way, some need help to become so, and others are completely created by the talented team at the studio. We often make amazing pictures out of digital bits scrunched together using processors and programs as our creative tools.
For Mr-Benn I tried to group and serialise my Photography and design but found I couldn't. I make pictures and some of them I really like but seldom do they flow together. They often do the opposite and compete against each other.
Beautiful images of nature sit alongside broken dystopian buildings and next to them ariel photographs of open planes and a picture in dark lift.
Maybe contradiction is my theme. Or my other work is themeless.. who knows. 
I get in inspired, make a picture then move on. Sometime later I work out what to do with the results. "
A great deal of Duncan’s "other work" uses adapted cameras to capture images exposed in the Infra Red portion of lights bandwidth. This type of light is normally invisible to the naked eye and behaves completely different from visible light. A natural occurring Visual effect.  Some others are just of people standing around looking a little lost.
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