jn @ Mr-Benn

Jake Nelson was born in rural Southern Oregon, studied film in Los Angeles, worked in New York City for 10 years, and now lives in London.

In between personal creative projects, Jake works as a visual effects artist in advertising, TV, and film. His credits include Oceans 8, The Grand Budapest Hotel, Beyoncé, and Billions.

"Although these paintings are all paint on canvas without digital layering, my work as a compositor is a huge influence on my paintings. Many of the terms carry over across the two mediums - blending modes, light wrap, gradients, and transparency. The equivalent of regrain is canvas texture, which adds an overall layer to unify the image. Painting and compositing are very similar, the main difference being a lack of crtl-z (undo). "


He’s currently developing a feature-length script written by his grandmother Dorinda Clifton, a dancer featured in numerous Hollywood classics, including Singing in the Rain (1952).