qcm @ Mr-Benn

After finishing his degree in computer visualisation and animation Quentin Corker-Marin realised that he would need a secondary outlet for his creative energy. This lead to him joining the Barbican Young Visual Arts Group in 2018 who went on to create the Concrete Salon exhibition in 2019.

Quentins ‘other art’ is a manifestation of his curious and experimental nature. He examines the technical processes that ground his commercial work, layering, deconstructing and mixing elements as he explores. The art is fully digital and computer generated, built using the same software and techniques Quentin uses to create CG for TV and Commercials at Glassworks London.

The art available on Mr-Benn is a window into his library of visual experimentation and an extension of his art film Dancing with Invisible String which was made as part of the Barbican Young Visual Arts Group.

The title for the film was coined by his sister, Phoebe Corker-Marin, when watching the detangling of fishing line on the beach. At a distance the line disappeared, leaving the movement of the people open to interpretation, slipping between choreographed dance and confusing, aimless action. As when listening to only half of a phone conversation, meaning and subject slide in and out of focus. This confusion and half understanding is a recurring theme in Quentins work.


Quentin on Mr-benn