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Tony Kearns is a well known and respected character in London’s film scene. A film editor of many years, Tony's early days were spent cutting iconic music videos for many of the 90s music giants such as The Prodigy (Firestarter), Blur (Parklife), The Charmless (Man), Pulp (Disco 2000, This Is Hardcore), Radiohead (Just), The Chemical Brothers (Block Rocking Beats, Believe), Coldplay (The Scientist), Manic Street Preachers (Design For Life) PJ Harvey (Down By The Water).

Tony now travels between Dublin and London cutting drama for film and television. His credit list is an impressive collection of critically acclaimed work in collaboration with some of today's acclaimed directors. 

He’s always taken great pictures. 

Tony's work on is a small set of limited edition Black and White prints taken during his many wanderings through cities, markets and funfairs. They are exceptional examples of how Tony's photography manages to capture the honesty and often the innocence in his subjects. 

These are only a small selection from his vast body of work. 
Photographed with Leica M and Rolleiflex cameras using Kodak Tri-X BW 35mm film - scanned and printed on C-type Archival paper.
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