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March of the Crabs 1

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March of the Crabs 1 - October 2018

Billions and billions of crabs….  well not quite!  But we always wanted to make a design inspired by the huge red crab migration that occurs each year on Christmas Island in the Indian Ocean. 
The location is apt, as this sandbank is overlooked by Mudeford Quayside, in Dorset - famed as a place where the young (and not so young) can dangle some tasty bait on a line off the quayside, and easily fish out a crab or two.  
In our case we wanted one to “star” in the little movie we always like to make of our land art adventures ( ). The first crab we fished out was an absolute monster though… causing much panic when we realised it would be too big to fit in our bucket… thankfully it decided to fall back into the sea!

printed on C-Type Matt Paper.